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Korean Irongirl Match Se.3 - The Spirit of warrior Ep.2


...This is the fighting spirit match by 4 trainees
who aim at the supreme diva!

After their fierce matches, the president of W.in.D expressed
his intention to contract with one of the four trainees,

and proposes Jeni and Hana the match to win the contract.
First, the match between Soyon who is dissatisfied with the result VS Ami.
Next, the bloody battle between Jeni and Hana to win the contract!!...

Including moves :
Powerbomb, Samoan Drop, Pile driver, Chckenwing buster,
Argentine backbreaker, Body Slam, Suplex, Backdrop,
Sleeper hold, DDT....and So many moves!!

(This movie contains English subtitles)

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Download Clip - Full match of KIG3ep2
Full match of KIG3ep2
  • Length : 45 mins
  • Price : $20.00 US


Download Clip - Match1 of KIG3ep2
Match1 of KIG3ep2
  • Length : 24 mins
  • Price : $10.00 US


Download Clip - Match2 of KIG3ep2
Match2 of KIG3ep2
  • Length : 21 mins
  • Price : $10.00 US



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